Malenomics” is a zone where the proper principles of economics are discarded and the power elite’s meritocracy imposes hidden tests which bear no relationship to economic, social and environmental improvement parameters as developed, for example, by Sir Rod Eddington in London and Melbourne.

Malenomics rejects proper planning and community engagement, and its tests correlate with the hidden world of HK long-term, intra-corporate manoeuvrings, and multi- layered non-decisionmaking cultures.  Projects are taken off-Budget and slid into political gifting through such un-elected agencies as the “Greater Sydney” Commission.

This is more than an hypothesis:  the gap in media and professional perspectives is reflective of the little girl who declared, “The Emperor has no clothes”.

Example: The Bays precinct in the innerwest was described by PM Turnbull and then Premier Baird as the “most exciting urban redevelopment project in the world“.  Its planning has been so degraded under Premier Berejiklian – there is now no planning, with all agencies moved under her wing – through a manic determination to prevent a world-class initiative, the CBD Traffic Oasis and Goanna Transit Bridge (with integration of East and West transit and two “expressnets” – relieving an imminent congestion-critical 20% (20,000 vehicles a day) increase in the Rozelle sector).  Add The Fireworks iconic Tower and some 16,000 dwellings!  The JV return to the Government might approach $1 billion – all copyrighted by this author and so rejected by the Premier.

Google was blank-faced repelled from its plan to redevelop a disused power station as an iconic tech centre because the Goanna was the only way to provide transit access.  The latest lunacy was in mid-December when the Government announced that a consortium had been contracted to build a $3.9 billion piece of the mid-section of WestConnex next to The Bays.

That hypothetical 1-kilometre section would move congestion from Rozelle to nowhere as the Iron Cove Bridge won’t have the capacity and will sit above the tunnel anyway!  It is all paper warfare but so indicative of a very sick “planning stench” (former Premier O’Farrell’s words).

That $3.9 billion further robs the PM’s own electorate which has seen a series of broken promises in the face of inexorably rising truck numbers from both north and south.

Incredible, one might think – but the media deny the public the chance to properly judge this stench.

Another – West Metro Vs Greiner & Christie: upgrade Bradfield tracks to 40,000 passengers per hour in each direction + RG’s idea to extend the Main West to a loop at Badgerys giving the best airport transit system IN THE WORLD.

Double disaster:  the WS City Deal delivers a pathetic metro stub from (where!) St Marys = nowhere, to Badgerys, giving THE WORST TRANSIT SYSTEM in the world.  It’s a face-saver/camouflage for Berejiklian who knows the NW Metro is going to be revealed as the greatest transit dud after only Bruce Baird’s “ghost train” to KSA.

See for the associated Inland Rail credibility gap –

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