Albanese, Chalmers & Dreyfus to NCAC?

Update: on 4 January an early “value proposition” went to Dreyfus, King, Gallagher, Bowen and the like, to which there was no reply, that will be posted below. In addition Chalmers went onto National TV to defend the indefensible: no screening Chinese arrivals, right to reject medical advice, OK one assumes to expose Australians to as many perils and costs as possible. He is inexperienced but that is no excuse for not have a door on his mouth:

The intrinsic theme of this webpage was expressed by the South Australian ICAC in terms that will embarrass Attorney-General Dreyfus, due to the 230 days of PM Albanese’s refusing to “end the shameful Tolerance of corruption”:

Add this to the following:

The message on 6 January was simple:

I haven’t heard and it is my hope that 8 years’ of Kennedy oppression will be reversed, that I receive a signed and witnessed deed (you’ve long had my copy} and I deliver you and Australia great value at a time of real imperatives.

I do not want to rampage through the tulips again but will if I have to.

However, the LNP has the Government by the curlies and I am updating the website, distributing and extolling as I can, festina lente but the oppression I am experiencing after almost 230 days is torturous.

On 3 January 2023 the SMH posted a story ( which illustrated the massive corruption that is rampant in Australia across the LNP and ALP and above the heads of Greens and Independents, the very epitome of why Australia is failing in integrity, carbon mitigation, urban lifestyle quality and affordability, infrastructure efficiency and economy, and integrity!

Yesterday’s emails to Ministers and backbenchers included:

This is a profound matter that affects intergenerational equity, Urban economics, climate mitigation, integrity, ending the silent tolerance of corruption, stupidity by bureaucrats & politicians and pretty much everything else.

I put up with malice and corruption on this by Labor and by the LNP for 13 years and I am pushing it so bloody hard now your eyes will water if you don’t come on board, this is it, line in the concrete


You know how serious I am, this bloody nonsense has to stop, Albanese is pandering to malice and unaware of value propositions – again and again – and again, repeating a history of questionable governance ethics:

The Goanna Transit Bridge is the only solution to Sydney’s core problems in its entire history, described by 3 ex D-Gs as “best idea in 100 years”, checked and ticked for civil and civic engineering by ARUP and traffic by David Brown.  It was maliciously and incompetently sabotaged by the Black Witch through incremental incursions into the environs which were pointless as the Bridge would sit in the water, did she understand even basic engineering? – not likely as every trainset and ferry she purchased was inappropriate.

I added the iconic 110-story Fireworks Tower on Glebe Island (only place such could go, a replacement icon after Berejiklian’s assault on Google) after Berejiklian booted out Google for asking for Goanna to be built.  UGNSW tried to steal it after their design competition failed, their exec was sacked.  Idiotic NSW Planning Ministers Stokes and Roberts are trying to proceed without it, which is typical malice& incompetence.  Total yield to landowners (NSW/Fed Govts) – was calculated at $1 billion!  The cost of Bridge would be minuscule and an adornment in the City of Bridges.

Labor’s then the LNP’s maltreatment of the Bridge and associated benefits and of the author is characteristic of the breakdown of the rule of law and of due diligence as well as contempt for the public interest and intergenerational responsibility.  “How to Build a Good Transport System” (October 2017)  summarised the situation while the Goanna page on this website has detail:

The Letter is at the foot of the page, here is the updated detailed explanation of where corruption has taken the government systems of Canberra, Sydney and more widely; how those systems damage current generations and penalise future ones with unproductive debt, expensive repairs to sloppy road and metro networks (as well as Berejiklian’s/ Turnbull’s 3 trams), and unhealthy and unaffordable suburbs and tower blocks of small apartments.

This and other pages shows how rotten the ethics and economics etc are and this is an overview:

Infrastructure is my lifelong passion but I’m also at the front of climate and Covid science and community betterment, it is awful but true tat Western democracies and Australia are killing and maiming thousands and millions of victims unnecessarily, PM Albanese must pull himself out of the craphole he has created for the Government. Ponder this:

POSITION STATEMENT: 11 DECEMBER with last Parliamentary day coming up:

There has been a series of adverse events which are now having serious effects on my health and life as well as on society in the sense of maladministration, in ways I will explain briefly.  This case is about Federal and NSW Governments’ serious IP theft, maladministration rising from malfeasance, and conspiracy to defraud and oppress the victim who exposed the corruption.  At the foot of this document is a direct analogy with obligations regarding actions against torture.

The expressions of maladministration include reiterative Budget expressions and allocations to projects which have not been through legitimate protocols;  and deprivation of community needs such as preventative measures to reduce carbon and Covid damage.  Patterns of corruption are embedded in such political expectations, enforced by people who caused the corruption and excluding quality assurance and  “repairs” in line with the Charter of Budget Honest and OECD/World Bank protocols. 

The Labor Government has continued the malice in every respect and is suffering similar consequences including a distorted national Budget, defective climate legislation, suffocated innovation in fast trains, rising Covid and bushfire costs, and crippling waste & debt.

On 21 November 2022 the PM and ministers were advised that due to repetitive failures of public policy, including in the Budget, Climate Change Act and High Speech Trains Bill,  a line in the sand was in place – “Exhibit 1, M’lord” should this proceed further:

  • there are important ethical & integrity issues which cannot be swept out of sight
  • there are important Budget defects ditto

Note well – the solutions are in here in sufficient form, with previous materials you received, to “repair” both without further delay as you ponder Anti-Corruption legislation that does not bear on real solutions, right now, but shows up areas of hypocrisy very well.

This is an helicopter view.  There is bullying and it is no coincidence  that  similar accusations have been made over 2022:

Regrettably I now proceed on a formal submission to integrity and professional bodies in similar vein, if the Vacuum of Shameful Tolerance continues.

Please make that not so, end my torture.

Update 30 December

We head into 2023 worse off than in 20 May, 225 days later a “FIT FOR OFFICE” assessment looms, here is a taste (the PM is open game as many now think);


That didn’t work so here we go. These three documents set the context for “what is going wrong” and “who/why”? – as this page is about accountability. NB the Albanese planning boo-boos in Western Sydney contains the meat of how to improve our lives, seen a little bit in the 2nd download:

I remind you of the beneficiaries that the Governments do not care about, including Police Legacy and Save the Children:

The heads of concern under legislation are, in my interpretation:

Bullying Intimidation and harassment
Confinement Oppression
Misuse of information
Maladministration by NSW Government and jointly with Federal Governments
Conspiracy including to defraud

The ethics literature allows maladministration as a consequence of corruption and my case shows how that happened in Australian “planning”, with some costings.  In short, the concerns underpinning the 10 grounds are mainly

  • Imposition of the costs of malfeasance & maladministration on me  and current & future generations regardless of NCAC and the Climate Change Act, denying the community the right to consider solutions to critical  problems
  • Escaping appropriate punishment despite provisions of the Criminal Code and administrative laws & codes.
  • Lack of legitimacy in withholding my money, forcing me into destitution with crippling effects on my health, and harming citizens & communities
  • Malevolent & intimidatory motives which continue without reason except malice

The PM has been spruiking ethics today, hitting Morrison after years of appeasing him which indicates moral failings. However, he has ignored tsunamis of professional commonsense and continued Morrison malevolence and so he cops this.

My mission in life was established when I wrote my first Honours research essay on the 1908-09 Royal  Commission on the Improvement of Sydney and its Suburbs.  Few remember the names Garlick, Fitzgerald and Hughes but they inspired me so much that their values drove the reform of Newcastle when BHP announced the closure of steelmaking. 

I am not a journalist, I am a “doer” in that “Improvement” tradition as were Wran, Hawke, Keating, Unsworth, Greiner and Nugget Coombs and their ilk.

This (below) was my last ditch effort to turn around Albanese to be a true Labor leader and to sideline the corrupt influences left by Turnbull, Morrison, Frydenberg, Baird, Berejiklian and Gaetjens – namely Kennedy and Murphy:

Adding a happy ending to the National Cooperative Infrastructure Review

Adopt the “smart politics” manner that will facilitate the essential – unavoidable – national co-operative review of infrastructure, to –

  • properly budget for covid and for reducing bushfire and flood risks;  
  • improving infrastructure effectiveness to support climate change mitigation;  
  • reduce waste, corruption and debt;  and
  • reduce external costs in hospitals, clinics, medical supplies etc.

Heads of Agreement

  1. cease external publication on exchange of signed & witnessed deed of agreement and deposit, preferably today in view of contingency planning
  2. provision the exercise in similar manner to Covid action, with affirmation in MYEFO
  3. appointment of liaison officer
  4. letters out to Premiers and Chief Ministers on Friday
  5. timetable agreed e.g. discussion paper at  end of January 2023 including outline of templates with progress meetings then and periodically, initial report by end July 2023

The OECD (including Australia) had published a succession of national and regional productivity and efficiency guides over many years and updated them in Economic Outlook 2020.  This was a landmark contribution that has been all but ignored at international and Australian level. I’ve published websites and books on this based on my academic and practical achievements – which far exceed the Government’s as I have proven.

Two downloads follow, one general on Albanese failings and the next on his infrastructure mistakes including corruption in the 2022 Budget. Albanese has been cruel in the extreme in torturing me for being honest and professional and harming my society including my family.

This was sent to him and Ministers also in a last effort to avoid public confrontation, naturally I was ignored:

Those words are typical of long-term advices from the World Bank as well as OECD and and the UN:

Corruption erodes trust in government and undermines the social contract.  …  Corruption impedes investment, with consequent effects on growth and jobs.  …  The World Bank Group recognizes that corruption comes in different forms. It might impact service delivery, such as when an official asks for bribes to perform routine services.  Corruption might unfairly determine the winners of government contracts, with awards favouring friends, relatives, or business associates of government officials.  Or it might come in the form of state capture, distorting how institutions work and who controls it.

Chalmers is proceeding unabashed by a record of failure in

  1. not criticising Morrison and Frydenberg during a disastrous budgetary collapse from 2016 and especially in 2019;  in
  2. not presenting an effective response to the Last Coalition Budget and
  3. accepting a deferral to October of what was promised to be substantive but is looking, smelling and tasting like a Frydenberg/Kennedy clone

Worst of all, he has rejected an integrated package of integrity, effective innovation and repair of critical failures.  He has endorsed the cruelty and criminality of Baird, Berejiklian, the Turnbulls, Morrison, Frydenberg. Taylor and Kennedy in a manner that undermines his professional and political credibility.

He refuses to address such explicit warnings as

  • the faulty design of the Sydney metros which made the case for a pause in and from 2018, with Berejiklian panicking but falsely proceeding.  The repressions means a future generation will incur at least $30 billion to augment and re-configure the erroneous scheme.  The PM and Chalmers explicitly support the extension of the metro network to deleterious effects on the Nancy Bird Walton Walton airport, the Aerotropolis and freight links between eastern ports and the three most important eastern economies through an incompetent Inland Rail project which risks moving back onto the Budget balance sheets as a massive liability; 
  • ignoring the only national thinking by an experienced reform implementer on a steady reduction in bushfire risks through the recruitment and training, equipping and management of some 8,000 indigenous rangers, and
  • Federal Treasurer Chalmers proceeding with a Frydenberg “gifting budget” model instead of a more professional, balanced and nation-building model, with multiple benefits through health, fire risk, transport/land use and even Defence systems;  relying on a Secretary who failed through the succession of Frydenberg miscalculations, distorted processes, faulty instruments and stimulus tools, and poor design of payment streams.  His previous roles under Turnbull were disastrous, the cost of reduced capacity, dreadful transit to the new airport, missed productivity and congestion/housing imposts, all estimated to exceed $400 billion.

Finally, the whole Labor and Independent/progressive camps share the responsibility “to end the shameful tolerance for corruption” in this context.  My loyalty and capacity to contribute are demonstrated but mindlessly suppressed, to the detriment of current  and future  Australians. 

This is a tight summary of the PM’s/Dreyfus legal position as I see it and of my concerns and then follow two files that I will confront the Govt with without respite if they continue to try to kill me as the LNP did:

A typical covering letter over emailed copies of reports and extracts:

The breakdown in integrity under Labor, the failure to end “the shameful tolerance of corruption”, the breaking of the PM’s promise “to change”, the cruelty to Covid and other victims, the brutality and torture you inflict on me, and the maladministration that results from your misfeasances, are insufferable and indicative of deep shame.
In anti-corruption, Human Rights, Criminal Code and governance terms, the Goanna is a perfect case to take to the tribunals, the Law Enforcement Forces  and the people.
I will hold off what is going to be a vigorous and dirty effort on my part to breakthrough and gain fairness for a few hours.  I will be as scientifically aggressive as Kennedy is morally abusive to me.

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