A feasible path out of Bairdijiklian Malevolence, not a corrupt continuation

The Kennedy/Chalmers Effect –

de-Commissioning Australia’s Future

Introduction to the 2nd Edition


Politicians of the post-Abbott Government give the appearance that:

  • they are not aware that matters they are participating in are contrary to some or all of the Criminal Code of Australia, Human Rights and anti-torture treaties and agreements, and anti-corruption and similar legislation – including the Attorney-General of Australia
  • they experience intimidation, harassment, coercive control or bribery to continue actions or inactions under (1) without seeking Party, Parliamentary or law enforcement protection and ceasing
  • they are not aware of and/or do nor care about doing things that cause maladministration effects, and of ignoring ideas which have high value in “repairs” of such and positive nation-building benefits even where quantified
  • they are aware but feel that they are exempt from the Laws of Australia and that they have “fixed” the relations with and budgets of enforcement agencies so that they fear no intervention
  • they feel that theft of the Intellectual Property of a citizen and denial of his rights to make a living and live a free life are irrelevant
  • they do not need to read and understand authoritative analyses of their own and associated actions which reveal misdemeanours, offence and/or crimes including promotion of corruption and waste and of avoiding “repairs” and corrections.

Ministers, parliamentarians and independents are advised that the books here and on other pages as well as the material on these pages create a “line in the sand”, that if they continue without correction they are fully liable for claims of abuse of Human Rights, of oppression, of cruelty, of thievery and other matters, already being in that state but doubly culpable for worsening personal and societal effects.

On 27 February 2023 it is over 280 days of Albanese Labor negativity on Budget and societal repair, with my warnings of reiterative personal hardship and illness being a microcosm of the misery many others are experiencing such as Covid victims across the country, fire victims on the NSW South Coast and flood victims in the North. Here is a position statement that reflects a decade of attempts to achieve fairness:

14 March – Albanese is a slow train wreck

Update on 16 March 2023

PM Albanese reached out to his full hubris height and fell off the cliff.

Email has gone to all Labor MPs indicating:

  • has a trail of failed policy & planning decisions including iA,  local govt and other crisis situations, the corrupt Green Metro, underground bus and Parramatta Road idiocies, Moorebank and Gold Coast – attested to by industry experts as well as me – his inability to understand the economics of urban and national transport are bewilderingly obvious
  • has smashed ethical and professional standards from 2008 but especially 2019 and through Corona and climate discussions with his and Chalmers appeasement of Morrison, Frydenberg and Cormann et al, leading to almost 300 days of trying to kill me for being ethical and professional (at international levels of excellence)
  • has imperilled the addresses and you all – Husic, Conroy, Gorman, O’Neill, Kearney, Leigh, O’Connor, Aly, Sheldon et al

Now I publish correspondence and addresses on the path to published a corruption tree – on the left, vertically, every “malfeasance” I have suffered with lines of varying thicknesses and colour to show the losses from opportunities lost and costs from incompetence and corruption.  That means you ALL are named.

I continue to publish critiques of Albanese, King, Chalmers, Bowen, Burney, Gallagher, Independents, Husic et al but intensively so as to

  • give the community, AFR (public challenge)  and NCAC a clear roadmap and
  • defeat the inevitable repeat of the Kennedy/Frydenberg Budget crapola.

The first target is the appeaser of corruption and oppression, MARK DRAYFUS.


Add these

This is a birdseye’s view of the critical challenges facing Australia in integrity, professionalism and many portfolio areas. Most of the ills come back to malice and incompetence in central personnel and agencies. There is an interaction map (following):

The Albanese Government has a closet style of decision-making without an expert and engagement protocol that is more likely to produce successful outcomes (cf London Crossrail, Sydney Harbour and concurrent Golden Gate Bridges, and London’s sewers). A-G Dreyfus’ lacunae in (not) eliminating the culture of corruption is covered in this and related pages. Much of Albanese’s own and inherited projects feature corporate corruption which it is extending through back-corridor PMO and IPA apparatchiks. Integrity was to be a defining improvement under Albanese compared with Morrison but it has been shelved in favour of distorted budgetting and associated program denials:

The Cruelty Curve represents the avoidable pain, hurt and threat to life associated with the oppression by government officials in stealing my work, suppressing work that I would otherwise be paid for, and unnecessarily harming Covid, bushfire and socio-economic victims. The correspondence highlights the effects of my 6 ocular problems on my inability to live a normal life – their deliberate stonewalling entails a higher form of oppression.

22 February: PM Albanese to appear at National Press Club

Combination of tweets and emails, the PM is on notice that corruption in Budget-setting is tantamount to gross maladministration as it will further suppress “repair and improvement” policies and programs, and harm

  • Covid misery and the balance between control/avoidance and intensive health system costs in quantitative and qualitative forms, there being no visible expertise in Treasury
  • Climate mitigation as there are no measurement, planning, performance or other “planning and monitoring” systems
  • Bushfire risk and costs through commencement of a 10-year co-ordinated Indigenous program of risk reduction and species preservation
  • Integrity including corruption through remnants of Morrison/Frydenberg tutelage and cruelty and abuse of human rights in treatment of many victim groups – the failed “Labor Model”. The over-subsidisation of urban “shiny toys” increases debt loads on future generations as well as inadequate capacity and service levels and distorted housing patterns (Manhattanisation and heat sinks)
  • Leadership in view of non-commencement of “planning” based on community and professional engagement, goals, strategies, KPIs, budget linkages and quality circles across government

This only needs to have 2008 faces replaced with 2015-23;

This represents 2 days of correspondence which re-directed attention away from deceit to solutions and leadership:

This is the preamble to the nationally-significant critique of the distortions arising from mischievous and corrupted Budget and related practices, the legal, technical, operational, societal and like effects being revealed here but in other pages as well

The Australian people expected a tsunami of moral, economic and environment reform when they elected the Labor Government on 21 May 2022, in forcibly ejecting the malevolent Morrison.  Albanese had promised to “put an end to the shameful tolerance of corruption”.  They got a lot less – same people as before, same policies, same deceits, same corruption.  The Turnbull/Morrison policy and budgetting pseudo-protocols that “gifted” to cronies and corporates but penalised climate, Covid, bushfire and flood victims and integrity, continued unabated.

Those values let Governments ignore, even suppress, the solutions which the Australian people should have the opportunity to understand and discuss, including new budgetary processes to reduce long-term debt, improve employment transitions, assist with “targeted and proportionate” (which the Governments have been unable to achieve) and to save lives;  and the impediments to those being the reactive people and processes in the parliamentary, executive, media and law circuits. 

The regrettable reality in Australia 2023 is that that corruption had started in its current form in NSW in 2005, was boosted by then Minister Albanese in Canberra in 2008, and as the “NSW Disease” was ported there by PM Turnbull from 2015.  The problem goes deeply across national administrations including health, climate, defence procurement, transport and agriculture.

Turnbull’s Parliament and fused executive team was specially chosen to maximise gifting to cronies and especially his wife who was working with Baird and Berejiklian in corrupt NSW developer interfaces, and dropped the Federal and NSW Treasury CEOs and methodology.  He groomed a PM&C official named Kennedy and they moved from standard program development to spruiking buckets of things aimed at “bust congestion” and “jobs jobs jobs” , including many “faster trains”.  Nothing eventuated. 

They enraged a top analyst from whom they stole and, with technical incompetence, entangled themselves in a disastrous escape, the “Western Sydney City Plan”, Kennedy causing about $400 billion in economic and community damage.  (It is characteristic of the gifting culture that they perpetuate corruption and never “repair”.)  (The analyst built a library of forensic artillery which Albanese has accelerated.)

Turnbull imploded and was replaced by Morrison who kept and exaggerated the previous circus, including grooming Kennedy in shaping Budgets around his priorities rather than National needs.  They linked with Bairdijiklian corruption and screwed up the recession, bushfires and Covid crises, making every challenge worse, maximising community harm. 

Treasurer Frydenberg and his successor Chalmers were wordsmiths not economic tacticians and were embarrassed by professional corrections posted on sydneybetrayals.me and stimulus-stupidity.com.  (Their endorsement of theft and oppression heightened tensions.)  Their “shameful tolerance of corruption” in rape and immigration matters among others were important in Labor’s victory in May 2022. The “new” Albanese Labor Government is a continuation of a Lib/Lab co-venture and its October 2022 Budget had lots of hype but:

  • Same distorted “gifting” approach which is the opposite of “outcome based budgetting” despite repeated advisings to revert to OECD and Treasury Regs probity, so protection of corruption and repeating of gifting especially to city “shiny toys” and deprivation of regional needs
  • Same omission of any systematic approach to bushfire risk, Covid health management in all aspects of medical capacities and personal safety, climate change mitigation (the nominal approach was tokenistic)
  • Same suppression of ethics & probity and therefore of high-value alternative approaches to urban transit, Covid health, climate mitigation,
  • integrity especially in Budgets (Kennedy had locked that away since December 2015), together with …
  • Same endorsement of theft, oppression and intimidation despite repeated requests for conciliation (ignored by Labor’s A-G and PM&C).

Treasurer Chalmers is trying to pretend there is a basis remaining on which to build his May Budget but just as Frydenberg and Kennedy were confronted with my 2019 “Malenomics” repair package and cancelled MYEFO, deferred the Budget, deferred Parliament, cancelled 2 weeks of Parliament, and deceived himself into more “gifting” tranches, he has confounded history by imitating Frydenberg. 

“Intergenerational equity” means we pass on a better world to our descendants, not high debt to go with unproductive assets,  high public and private costs and poor living conditions.  It is not a casual science, it needs a careful understanding of planning infrastructure against long term benefits Vs Debt and climate and demographic changes.  Kennedy’s Treasury is unskilled and disinterested. In 2017 Berejiklian admitted that using debt to fund unproductive metros (as revenue is insignificant)  would undermine health and education budgets over time.  Right now there is a “health crisis” in Australia as the corruption-bound Albanese Government is still funding Ghost Trains and sterilising Covid, Climate and bushfire and flood risks.

The Emperor has no clothes”.  That that they opposed repair of their blunders denies professional standards and is catastrophic for the nation as well as their credibility.  

This booklet is a summary of massive historical, analytical and futuristic work contained largely (but not wholly) in public media, sensible transitions are feasible if the PM listens. 

Continuing Morrison Malevolence is Albanese’s sub-theme. His “put an end to the shameful tolerance of corruption” was window dressing, the cruelty and victimisation are still in full stream:

The conclusions are backed up here:

Conclusions:  Miracles are not expected but commonsense and decency are

  1. Corruption has been a cancer which started with confusion in 2005/07, with instinctual distrust of “nation building” professionals, progressively falling victims to a dream of HK shiny Metros weaving their way between residential tower blocks, and local industry interest groups feeding off each end – the multinationals and the local profiteers
  2. Continuation of past distorted values, processes and programs will undermine future generations’ cost and quantity of services at affordable costs, living standards especially in over-crowded axial tower blocks which will cause social and political instability, and environmental and employment quality related to avoidable congestion and heat sinks etc
  3. There has been observed a de-skilling of political and executive official strata in federal and state governments which is reflected in poor project, budgetary, engagement and integrity outcomes.  The NSW URTAC 1970s model of peak government CEOs’ councils without distortions has gone and needs to return
  4. The traditional protectors of democracy – division of functions, rule of law, due diligence, media ethics and protective community surveillance and engagement – are dislocated
  5. The political parties recruited buccaneers as mercenaries who enjoyed torturing the nation builders and exploiting the defenceless, that continues, breaking down Labor and Liberal values

Cruelty in malfeasance links with community damage through maladministration in one of the world’s worse cases of Malenomics:

Governmental officials who adopt such perverted principles and practices must be hosed out so society can recover from corruption and achieve intergenerational equity, efficiency and prosperity

NB the chronic inability and/or unwillingness to “plan” – to think, engage and tie the Government to a competent end-to-end implementation path.

As said, corruption is a culture thing as obvious changes in tax and revenue bases have to be disguised and then left undisturbed.  That is where the Public Works Committee of Parliament used to check projects and reject the bad ones, in advance of malfeasance.

Now Ministers rule over de-skilled agencies (Grattan and my work), Police, ICAC and Auditors tidy up a trail here and there and improve nothing, the corruption continues. The classic case in the Western world is Bairdijiklian Malenomics as I have documented –  its history, mistakes, failures, societal damages and collapses.

The Rule of Law and AFP are the Attorney-General’s charges and their lacunae reflect on his “shameful tolerance of corruption”. Kennedy/Chalmers have refused all attempts to “repair” LNP maladministration and so Albanese and Chalmers have stumbled along with this ~ Albanese has never come close to resolving a raft of strategic issues.

The transport policies of both sides of politics push carbon-neutral futures back (metros Vs bio-fuelled BRT) and there are no measurement, re-appraisal and correction loops in planning and budgeting systems for taxation, placement of accessible Vs axial projects and services, demographic and industrial shifts, and ongoing health crises.

The balance of this booklet explores each of these dimensions which form a unified chain of logic under anti-corruption legislation.  There has been no intervention in the steady progression of corruption, even to today, but that must change, starting with the PM allowing the Attorney-General to discharge his accountabilities. 

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