Speers misunderstands economics again v Chalmers

On Insiders, Speers pontificated about stagflation but Aus’s bulldog was better informed. Remembers Speers was mystified when Frydenfreak said business cases were optional, didn’t decide routes, just the colours on the bus shed. He and Jim are in same trouble when speaking of Budgets and productivity – Frydenfreak and Jim do not understand microeconomics and in particular OECD and my own Malenomic criticisms. If Jim continues to bully me after 5 weeks of continuing Morrison malevolence, that will lead to grief. This a snapshort of Coalition and ALP mistakes as at October 2010 with two others books referenced there, climate malenomics and Bairdijiklian contamination of the “NSW disease” and Australia through Turnbulls and Morrison et al https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/righteous-blame

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