A disgrace for the ALP to heal in the best possible way

I did not start with any ambition to write books or set up websites but the necessary political and moral suasion required it. Labor unfortunately appeared to have appeased and  now has continued it. 

I am fighting extremely hard to be heard, now that I see that Kennedy still gets his $1 million a year and I am still at risk of re-hospitalisation.  I don’t know why Jim simply refuses to talk especially about my solutions and ideas for the PM.  All can explain to Australia why you continue “the shameful tolerance”.

PS this morning’s radio carried an interview with a couple on the south coast of New South Wales who are still living in tents at three years after the bushfires. One of the most significant costs of  suppressing my work is sterilisation of my offer to build 10 demonstration fireproof and storm proof houses in fire areas of Australia. This has been fully documented on my websites and is parallel with my proposal to engage about 8000 indigenous Landcare workers on a 10 year program of reducing fire risk. 

These two factors together represent a national disgrace 

https://sydneybetrayals.me/albanese-setting-up-integrity-but-can-he/ Today I paste in ALP performance vs Frydenberg/Kennedy during the weirdly incompetent fire and corona episodes.  I’d rather be reconstructing my life and family

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